Every CA student is very much worried about their training period leaves. No one is want to extend their Articleship. So keeping in mind this fear of students today I am going to tell you how much maximum leaves you can availed during your training tenure. So do not worry here is the method for calculation of excess leaves.

As per Institute of Chartered Accountant of India :- An article is entitled to leave for a period of equivalent to 1/6th of total period served by him/her.

Method of Calculation of Leaves-

Steps-1. Total no. of days served i.e., 365*3=1095 days

Step -2. Deduct leaves taken (Other than weekly holiday or allowed by ICAI) e.g. 150 i.e., the step 2 result is (1095-150) =945

Step- 3. then it should be divided by 6. i.e., step 3 result is (945/6) =156 (nearest rounded of to 1)

Step- 4.the result would be the maximum leaves you can take. (i.e-156 is maximum leaves can be taken)

Excess leaves: – Step 4- Step 2 (i.e., 156-150= 6)

Also you can download the leave calculator by clicking the following link:-


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How to use Calculator :-

  1. Download the Articleship Calculator  from the Link Below :-
  2. Unzip the .rar file.
  3. Now you will get an excel file with the name “Articleship Leave Calculator”.
  4. Now fill the Required Field and Enjoy 🙂



     Click here  for Download 🙂





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